Q&A: What we’re doing with our reset week

As we celebrate the end of a great year, our team members will be in what we call react mode the week of December 26-30, 2022. Employees are looking forward to spending time with family and recharging during the busy holiday season. Don't worry, though, we will still be around to support any gift sends, questions, or concerns that may arise!

Get to know our team a little bit more by learning what we’re doing during our reset week!

Our buying & merchandising team

A photo of a turtle swimming.Emily is looking forward to swimming with turtles in Hawaii.

Emily is opting to take more dedicated time off in February when she will be traveling to Hawaii with her partner! She’s looking forward to swimming with turtles, eating good sushi, and watching the sunrise at the beach. 

Madi is looking forward to hosting some friends who will be visiting from up north. They’ll enjoy some time away from the cold and snow while getting to spend some quality time together.

Molly will still be online while hanging out in Ohio with her cousins. Early in January, she will be traveling with her twin to Italy for a belated birthday celebration!

Our customer service & fulfillment team

Our customer service & fulfillment team will be working during react mode week to ensure recipients receive their holiday gifts in a timely manner. Many of them will be taking time away in the new year to reset.

A photo of a picturesque Italian town. A picturesque Italian town, much like the ones Andy will be visiting.

Andy will be traveling to Italy with his wife, Holly. They will visit Milan, Venice, and Lake Como, where they’ve rented a small apartment overlooking the lake. They’re looking forward to all of the pasta, wine, and gelato!

Julian is continuing a tradition that began when he first started dating his now-wife, Margot. Her family will travel out to Colorado and they will spend a week in the mountains skiing! 

Kelly is looking forward to relaxing at home. She hopes to make a good dent in the books and shows she’s been wanting to read and watch. 

Michelle hopes to take time to explore parts of New York and Vermont in January. Fun fact: There are castles in New York. Who knew?! 

Our growth team

A photo of people snow tubing.Depending on the weather, Carrie is hoping to snow tube with her family.

Carrie is looking forward to hosting family who will be flying into North Carolina from around the country. Depending on the weather, they will hike, ski, snow tube, cook, play games by the fire, shop, and eat in neighboring small mountain towns.

Christina is looking forward to spending time with her family. Both of her sisters-in-law recently had babies, so she will get to meet her niece and nephew for the first time!

Dilan is going to Kenya to visit a friend. She goes every year and they go on a Safari, which they’ve named Safari Burn because they also throw parties that have similar vibes to the Burning Man music festival. 

A photo of a each in Isla Mujeres, MexicoIsla Mujeres, where Emily will spend some time with her husband.

Emily will go on a mini vacation with her husband to their favorite spot in Mexico. They go to Isla Mujeres at least 1-2x a year!

Johanna is looking forward to having time to unplug and visit family all around Texas. Relaxation and quality time with family is definitely in her future!

Lindsay is looking forward to having time to relax and recharge, and spend time with her daughter. 

Naomi is going to visit some friends in Seattle throughout the week. Then, she will spend NYE with her sisters seeing Brandi Carlile, which is one of her favorite artists!

Sam is looking forward to some quiet time at home with her husband and daughter after a busy year. In her ideal world, she’d be spending the week at The Broadmoor Resort in Colorado.

Shira is going to start a new project: painting her office. We’re looking forward to seeing the before and after pictures.

Our engineering team

A photo of Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain.Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain, where Eduardo will be traveling.

Eduardo is going to take his first trip to Europe. He will be visiting Spain, England, France, and Italy with his family. 

Miguel will be spending the week in Guanajuato, Mexico. He’s looking forward to visiting some museums and soaking in the culture of one of his favorite places to visit!

Mike is looking forward to doing an alarming amount of nothing. He will relax and soak up some time with his family. 

Orlando will be online during the reset week. He is planning on taking some time in the new year… eventually (his words, not mine).   

Ricardo is looking forward to spending time with his family and enjoying all of the holiday food. Are there any other turkey fans out there?

Our marketing team

Tallin, Estonia covered in a blanket of snow.Tallinn, Estonia where Erin will be spending Christmas with her parents.

Erin will be meeting her parents in Europe. They’ll explore Christmas Markets in Estonia before heading to the Ice Hotel in Northern Sweden to ring in 2023.

Marcae is looking forward to taking time to slow down and spend time with her daughters celebrating the holidays. She’s also planning a game night with friends, which is bound to be a fun time!

Molly F. is staying close to home in California. She and her husband will spend time hiking, skiing, and surfing throughout the week.

MK will be enjoying a staycation with their family. They recently welcomed a second pup to the family and are busy acclimating to their new family of four! 

Our operations team

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign A photo of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. Ari will spend time with family near here.

Ari will be spending time with his wife’s family in Las Vegas. He’s assured all of us it will be a pretty chill time. 

James will be enjoying time at home with her partner and pets. Fun fact: She has 8 cats and a newly adopted dog.

Kelli is looking forward to spending some time with her in-laws celebrating the holidays. She’s also hoping to at least start a couple of house projects. 

Kenzie will be spending time with her family in North Texas. She will also use the week to relax and get things done on her to-do list that she doesn’t always have time for. 

Sara will be headed to California for a retreat with Deborah Eden Tull about setting conscious intentions in the new year. 

Our product team

carne asada tacosCarne Asada tacos, one of Casus' favorite foods to enjoy at the beach.

Casus is going to his family’s beach house near Puerto Vallarta. While there, his family will spend time at the beach, play board games, and enjoy good food. 

Martin is looking forward to spending time with his mom, working on some art projects, and having time to play video games. He’s hoping to get to Platinum Rank on Overwatch. 

Shanze will be traveling to Northern Pakistan enjoying wintertime activities. She will also be helping out at her mom’s salon, which is very busy during wedding season! 

photo of a ski lift during ski seasonSteph is looking forward to skiing a lot.

Steph is looking to ski as much as humanly possible during our react mode week. She’s working on completing her Avalanche 1 course so she can also do some backcountry skiing. 

Trevor is going to Hawaii with his dad. He’s looking forward to enjoying some delicious island food and going on a sailing excursion!

Zach will be visiting his parents who live in Hawaii. He’s looking forward to spending time with his mom’s family, who will be flying over from New Zealand. They’ll enjoy time at the beach and all that Hawaii can offer. 

We hope you're all able to enjoy some time off this holiday season. If you have any questions or need support with your end-of-year gifting, please reach out to your account manager or fill out our contact form.


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