Black Owned Businesses to Buy From Today (and every day)

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We'd like to tell you this is "not just another list" - but instead we'll say: this list is curated with products, brands, people that we know and love. It's not a list pulled from quick Google research. It's a list mined from our team and our friends. We're going to continue to grow this list. We hope you love these products as much as we do. 



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Wellness  + Beauty


Golde is beauty meets wellness. From face masks to smoothie boosters. Independently owned and Brooklyn-born brand with a focus on superfood-boosted products for health and beauty.

BOOKS black owned businesses oui the people loop and tie

A plastic free, stunning razor meant to be the last. Thoughtfully developed body care. Premium ingredients. The works. (Yes, we've tried it. Our CGO heard the founder pitch a few years ago and loves the brand).

briogeo support black owned businesses directory

Brigeo is known as haircare for all hair types. Natural haircare products that are fortified with hair healthy oils, antioxidants and vitamins. (Also used and loved by members of our team).


black owned brand beauty brands

Klur's eco-inclusive skincare is a cult favorite and the following is only growing.  The brand touts products with skin barrier strengthening ingredients like vitamins C, B5, and E.

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Books + Bookshops 

black owned businesses

Harriett's Bookshop - Philadelphia based.  Named for historical heroine Harriet Tubman, this book shop has a mission to celebrate women authors, artists, and activists.

BOOKS black owned businesses (7)Considered required reading by many, Brittney Cooper's Eloquent Rage is a masterful telling of black women's pain and possibility.


BOOKS black owned businesses (5)

Imani Bashir, international travel writer, travels the world with her son and created the character of The Takeoff Toddler. The character, made in the likeness of her son, travels the world meeting new friends. Now, there's a coloring book to go with the series.

BOOKS black owned businesses sistah scifi

We couldn't think of any way to describe this bookstore outside of their own words: "a cauldron of all things afro-futurism; Black mysticism, science fiction noir, and traditional voodoo; casting spells to uplift literature written by Black women." Also, the shirt in the photo is for sale on their site.

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BOOKS ijemoa oluo

A prolific writer



Home + Plants 



zen succulent plants black owned businesses guide

For all the people that want plants but are afraid of the upkeep - The Zen Succulent is your go to. They have a brick and mortar and online presence focusing on low maintenance houseplant & tropical greenery — ferns, succulents, air plants, pothos, philodendrons, you name it.


blk and bold coffee loop and. tie black makers directory


We debated for a while about whether coffee belonged in wellness or home, but, we decided that if you're bring it home, then coffee can live in the home section.  The Blk & Bold coffee and tea options are fan favorites.

navabella black owned businesses candles room sprays loop and tie

Navabella is subtle, PETA-certified with no harmful ingredients.  From soy candles to room sprays and diffusers, it's the perfect everyday buy.


pur home loop and tie black owned businesses

Beautifully designed, PUR Home was developed as a clean alternative to home care. Natural soaps, disinfectant sprays, cleaning powders, and more.

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