The Art of Client Follow Up


Why follow up?

Not only is the client follow-up an excellent way to establish a stronger bond with a new potential customer (and to bring you ever closer to that famous rule of seven to grow your business), it’s also one of the best ways to create repeat business with existing customers. Just after the original sale, your customer is likely still feeling positive feelings about the interaction—but the more time you allow to pass between each communication, the more likely those feelings are to fade. An effective follow-up not only extends that post-meeting period, it also sets up your client to be more likely to make an additional purchase or to make a referral. 

How to follow up?


Send a thank-you.

Create an automated strategy to send clients a note (either digital or handwritten, if you feel like standing out from the crowd) that not only thanks them for their purchase, but also asks for feedback on how you could make their experience better. When a company makes the effort to keep the doors of communication open and demonstrates an interest in their client’s satisfaction, this often leads to greater customer loyalty. That’s because a thank-you note reminds your customer that you don’t just see them as a number and that you are truly interested in their satisfaction.

Or up the ante with a gift.

A recent study found that 48% of consumers expect special treatment for being a good customer, and that special treatment can often be what moves them to stick with your company instead of trying something new. A gift that feels personalized and unique will differentiate your company from the pack and remind your customers and leads of the quality of service you offer. That’s where a gift choice platform comes in. Loop & Tie’s gifting technology makes it easy for companies to purchase client gifts, corporate gifts, and gift B2B simply and effectively, increasing customer retention and creating a memorable experience for consumers. Plus, our incredible selection of gifts at virtually every price and budget means you won’t have to try to find the perfect gift—we’ll do it for you. You create a curated box of choices based on your consumer data, and then we’ll let your customer pick the gift that speaks most to them, ensuring a positive experience (and a happier customer) every single time you give.

Continue to communicate.

By keeping the lines of communication open, you’ll condition your client to hear from you at regular intervals. That means you stay top of mind (and top of their list when the time comes to make another purchase). Send follow-up emails at regular intervals, depending on your current customers’ purchase patterns and when your data has shown they are likely to make another purchase or need additional help. Next, look for other opportunities to demonstrate your customer’s value or to provide additional services. Additionally, requesting and listening to client feedback often leads to greater innovation within your own company as you improve your services and find inspiration to satisfy the needs of your clients.

Request a referral.

Now that you’ve put the work into making a loyal customer for life, expand your reach using their network. Referral leads convert 30% better than leads generated from any other source, meaning the efforts you put into following up and requesting a referral could be your most effective growth strategy all year. The referral request can also be a notable point in your customer gifting funnel. Loop & Tie can help take the guesswork out of seasonal holiday gifts and PR outreach gifts by personalizing this gifting at scale and increasing your recipient engagement and likeliness to refer. 


The bottom line

Today’s customer demands more thought and attention than ever before. And in that kind of climate, a follow-up that meets your client’s needs and captures their attention isn’t just polite business—it’s absolutely crucial. 

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