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The Anti-Gift Guide: the guide to getting the right present, every time

Posted by Loop and Tie on Dec 4, 2019 5:27:15 PM

Tis the season where every brand will release a thoughtful, well-meaning guide for “what to buy your mom/boyfriend/boss/stranger this holiday season.” Yet, a recent survey conducted by Pureprofile looked at 2,000 American adults and found that the average person received at least one unwanted gift during the holiday season.

In an era where we’re trying to reduce waste and make a thoughtful gesture at the same time, it’s not easy to find the right gift. No matter what a curated gift guide tells us to buy.

Solution: let them pick their own gift. No really, you can do that with Loop & Tie. Here’s how.

The Art Collector

No matter how well you know someone, you never know their taste in art. Art is a personal matter and while it could be the perfect gift, it is also the easiest to get wrong. Loop & Tie partnered with ArtStar to bring you a limited edition collection of framed art prints, so you can gift art and let the recipient pick which piece they want. It’s a win win.





The Home Connoisseur

Instead of picking an exact gift for the person that loves HGTV and has a shrine to Joanna Gaines, why not send them a curated selection of gifts to pick from? Like the Loop & Tie Home Collection. They get to pick whatever item they want, so you know they will love it and it becomes a great conversation piece when they use it.

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The Wellness Aficionado

Everyone has a friend, family member, or colleague that is deep into the wellness trend. Since wellness is a very, very personal endeavor, you’ll never know the exact right thing to buy this person. That’s where you can send the Loop & Tie Wellness Collection - it’s full of amazing ideas for the wellness-obsessed person in your life





The Social Impact One

There’s always a way to give forward and give back, especially when you’re gifting. The hard part is knowing what type of social impact your friend or family member cares the most about. Is it women-owned businesses? Or sustainability? Or maybe it’s something they’ve never discussed with you. With the Loop & Tie Social Good Collection, they can select items from a variety of social-impact creators, read their stories, and select exactly what they want to support.

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It gets even better - if they don't want any of the gifts, they can donate their gift to charity through Loop & Tie.  That way, you never send a present that gets wasted or is left unwanted.

Send a gift today, people will thank you.





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