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Saying hi, and offering support

Posted by Loop and Tie on Mar 13, 2020 5:19:30 PM

I just want to reach out and say hi, not just from Loop & Tie, but personally. You’ve already received several emails from founders on what they are doing to prepare for COVID-19. This isn’t that email. This is to say I’ve noticed how in the face of this virus and its associated fear, uncertainty and social distancing, all I want to do is gather, talk, connect. And the difficulty of not being able to do that feels personally challenging. I want to open a dialogue with you because it feels like the one thing we can do right now: simply support each other.


Community matters, connection is a core human need. We have always "known" this, but,  these days I "feel" this in a more acute way. So many of us need to share, analyze, cry, laugh and just BE with other people and the option to BE with others is limited. That's why I wanted to write to you, the community of people who have used Loop & Tie. The purpose of building Loop & Tie was to create a platform that helped people connect with each other. In the face of the lonely and uncertain feelings this virus brings, I want to connect with you personally and offer ways we may support each other right now.


Here's what is helping me right now, in case it helps you too:

  • I'm picking up the phone without much to say, I just want to hear people’s voices. 
  • I'm making the list of who I talk to as broad as possible. I'm texting people I haven't spoken with in ages to check-in, spread some cheer. I'm remembering how good it feels to connect with someone I don't know very well or receive a text from someone unexpected. 
  • I'm unguarded. In any conversation, work or personal. I'm saying how I really feel. Sometimes that's scared, sometimes that's hopeful, sometimes I don't even have a name for it. And I'm asking whoever I'm talking to share how they're processing this.
  • I'm listening. I don't have answers. None of us do. But I'm realizing the peace that can come from receiving someone else's fears or uncertainty and expressing my own without a filter. 
  • I'm present. All I want to do is make plans, and that's impossible right now. I'm realizing I have to take this moment by moment and in any moment, I'm trying to find something I can be grateful for, right then and there. 

As I’m connecting with people, I’m seeing how exhausting it is to keep talking about the things that keep us in fear. The mental toll is significant and many of us have limited access to wellness resources. I want to offer up a space for us to gather with the intention of reducing our stress and helping us collectively cope and support one another. I've asked my teacher, Deborah Eden Tull to virtually host a series of mindful meditations and weekly discussions for our extended Loop & Tie community. These sessions are at no cost and open up a space where  we can connect and find community without being in the same room. Eden is a Zen meditation and mindfulness teacher and she's helped me find peace amidst anxiety and uncertainly. As we're all working from home, I hope these weekly sessions can easily fit into your day and bring a patch of sunlight! We'll be recording all the sessions in case you can't join live. RSVP here.


As a final note, it's my hope that by connecting with each other we anchor light and joy and help each other harbor a sense of hope and support in the face of the unknown. I'll continue to think of ways to connect and support and I'd love to hear from you! Tell me any ideas you have on how we can feel together while being apart, tell me if you want to collaborate. Or just email to say hi! We don't need a reason to connect, let's just show up for each other.


In Gratitude,




Sara Rodell

Founder / CEO

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