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Planning Law Firm Holiday Client Gifts

Posted by Loop and Tie on Sep 5, 2019 12:33:43 PM

It may be warm out, but holiday season is around the corner.

When planning for your client holiday gifting, it's important to remember the need to make a positive, memorable impression.  The holiday gesture may be works for you or against your law firm when a client is deciding to renew their retainer.

Here's are 5 tips for using holiday client gifts as a marketing push:

1. Send a smaller gift, in September!

Before competing with the other tens, if not hundreds, of gifts being delivered to your client's home or office in December, send them a thoughtful unique gift in September as a "Just because" moment.  It sets you up nicely for the holiday gift. 

2. Consider whether your client is home, at the office, or traveling.

Sending gift baskets can go wrong if your client is traveling during the holidays, as many of them are.  They don't want to come back to their office/home to find a basket of fruit gone bad.  Or, they may not even know you sent them a fruit basket because the staff will have eaten it/thrown it away.  Send them something that will last - and help them remember your law firm in a positive way.

3. Give different gifts to different clients.

It's okay to send a branded sweatshirt to some clients, but if it's a client that drives 60% of your law firm's business, you may need to up the ante.  Pull together an overall budget, then make sure to personalize client gifts in a smart, non-branded way, in order to stay top of mind.  

4. Be smart about where you send the gift.

Make sure you know where your client is going to be, and send the gift accordingly.  (You can do that with Loop & Tie's corporate gifting experience.)

5. Let them choose what they want.
While sending a cool gadget sounds good, you may be sending them the same Ember mug as four of their other vendors.  The solution: give your client's the chance to select their choice of gift through Loop & Tie's corporate gifting platform.  Want to learn more? You can learn more here. 

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