How to Send a Gift on Loop & Tie

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Send a Gift  | Choose Collection  | Customize Logo  |  Customize Card Add Recipients  |  Preview  | Payment

First... click send a Gift 

You have two, easy ways to send a gift from Loop & Tie.  If you go to you can select "Send a Gift." Or, if you are logged into your Loop & Tie Dashboard, click "Send a Gift" on the top right hand side of the screen.

Send a gift from website


send gift from dashboard


Step 1: Pick the collection you want to send. 

Click the drop down to select your budget, or a themed collection at your budget. Regardless of what collection you select, all our gifts are curated from small makers, social impact creators, and artisans.

select the collection to send


FAQ: What's a collection?

A collection is a curated selection products based on your budget & theme. Each curated gift collection on Loop & Tie is inclusive of shipping and fees - so you pay what you see. Don't worry - your recipient never sees the budget you selected. They just see the items in the collection! 



Step 2: Customize your logo (if you want).

If you have a logo you want to use, this is the place to do it.

  1. Select "Change Logo" on the  top right corner of the email card. 
  2. If you have logo options uploaded, they will appear. 
  3. If you would like to upload a new logo, select "upload your own" and follow the prompts. 
  4. Once your new logo is uploaded, it may take you back to the "Select a Collection" screen. No worries, just means your logo is uploaded. Click Next on the top right hand corner, and your logo will appear. 

customize your logo loop and tie

FAQ: No logo? No worries!

It will just say "Loop & Tie."  NOTE: if you are not logged in,  you will have to create a free account to upload a logo or design. 



Step 3: Customize your card. 

This is the email that is sent to your recipient telling them you sent them a gift.  We have a large selection of pre-designed images you can select from.  As with the logo, you also have the option to upload your own design. 

  1. Pre-designed option: click the option you want and it will auto-populate on to your card design.
  2. Add new design: Click "Upload" under "Select a Design" on the right hand side. 
  3. Enter a message to your recipient. 
  4. Add in your signature (they want to know who it's from!) 

customize your card loop and tie


FAQ: What if I don't fill out a message or sender?

These fields are required and Loop & Tie's gifting platform won't let you send a gift without adding information in there. 



Step 4: Enter their info. 

Here's the best part: you can send the same gift collection to 1 or 10,000 people, all in one go. AND you can schedule gifts!  Here's how: 

  1. Enter recipient's name. 
  2. Enter recipient's email address. 
  3. Select the date you want the gift email to be sent (it defaults to today's date & time). 
  4. If you want to manually add additional recipients: Click "Add Recipient" 
  5. If you want to add multiple recipients at once: Click "Upload Spreadsheet" 
  6. Click "Next" 

recipient information loop and tie gift

FAQ: My excel file isn't uploading - what's wrong? 

We know it says "Upload Spreadsheet" but you need to upload a CSV. Having trouble? Reach out to our team! 



Step 5: Review 

You have the ability to review what your email & redemption page will look like to your recipient.

  1. Click "Preview Redemption" to see what it will look like when your recipient gets to pick their gift. This opens up in a new window.
  2. Click "Preview Email" see what the email card will look like in their inbox. This opens up in a new window.
  3. Click the blue button on the top right to pay.

review email and redemption page




You're There: Add Payment

If you already have credit in your account, your gift will be deducted from that balance. If you don't have credit in your account, the fastest way to send gifts is to add credit via a credit card! 

pay and send gift loop and tie

FAQ: It didn't show me a confirmation page?! Did it go through?! 

Once your gifts have been sent/scheduled, you'll be taken back to your Loop & Tie Dashboard. On the top of the Dashboard you'll see a little message from us saying your gifts were scheduled. All is good! 

FAQ: What If I want to be invoiced? 

Invoicing is only available to enterprise Loop & Tie accounts. If you are set up as an invoice account, you can request an invoice from your Loop & Tie dashboard. 


Well. It sounds like you're ready to start gifting. Let's get it done.

Send a Gift 


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